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Why Working With an Agent is So Important

Why Working With an Agent is So Important
HGTV and home renovation shows may be entertaining, but they’re not always accurate. In particular, most of them skip over the important ways real estate agents can help homeowners.
In the real world, agents play a huge role in home purchases, sales, and even flips.
Are you planning to make a real estate move this year? Here are just a few of the ways an agent can help make the experience a success.

Experience and Local Knowledge

Agents know how to draw up your contracts, handle the paperwork and save you valuable time (which is vital in today’s busy market). We also have on-the-ground knowledge of the local market, which can help you better evaluate properties, make offers and negotiate to price.

Negotiation Skills and Key Partners

Experienced agents also know how to negotiate successfully and can leverage inspection results, sales reports, and other data to get you the best bang for your buck — whether you’re buying or selling.
Working with an agent also provides access to deep professional networks, which comes in handy when it’s time to find an inspector, contractor, financial adviser, mortgage lender, real estate attorney, and other partners on your journey.

The Bottom Line

Finally, agents know all about home values — as well as what features, amenities, and styles can increase your property value down the line. 
There’s no need to navigate a stressful, complex, and high-stakes process alone when you could have a knowledgeable and compassionate agent working on your behalf.
Do you want help with your next home sale, purchase, or fix-and-flip? Get in touch today.

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